Rural Business Idea: Young men and woman living in the village can start this business, will earn well.

Rural Business Idea

Rural Business Idea: Many youngsters in rural areas can be seen migrating to urban areas in search of employment. The reason behind this is the lack of employment options in rural areas. In such a situation, the best option to avoid migration and unemployment is for the youth to start their own employment. Today we … Read more

Solar Sujala Scheme: 1 lakh farmers are getting solar pumps at lower prices, know how

Solar Sujala Scheme

Solar Sujala Scheme: The government has come up with several schemes and schemes for the agriculture sector of the country. which provides financial assistance to the farmers. And at the same time, subsidies are also given in the purchase of equipment used in agriculture. Similarly, there is a scheme called Solar Sujala Yojana. The scheme … Read more